Sprint Giveaway!

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I wouldn't consider myself to be a very 'crafty' person. I tried the whole scrapbooking thing because my sister was way into it. Lets just say she had a gift, and I had a bunch of ugly, off-colored scraps of paper glued behind some pictures. I've never been huge on the 'DIY EVERY CRAFTY THING POSSIBLE' movement. I mean, sure, there are some things that , if you DIY, they make your life easier. But most things I find on Pinterest look like a huge waste of time, waste of space, and just complicate things. Especially when I could run down to the market and buy it in 1/10th of the time for basically the same price. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or am I just crazy?

However, I do love making things. There is no better feeling than creating something with your very own hands. That's why I love baking so much. That's why I like to make things for my own home. That's why I love playing the cello. All of these things give me opportunities to make something. It's so fulfilling to me. 

I don't know if it's a phase or a weird obsession, but lately I've loved sanding down and polishing up these stumps. The first one I ever made just sparked something in me. Since then I've worked on a few here and there when I have extra time. You know, when I'm not graduating from college, getting married, moving, or working. 

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This little beauty is something I finished a few days ago, but don't have a place for in my own home. See, that's the thing when you love refinishing stumps. You end up with a fine looking piece of furniture that with no place to go.

To celebrate hand made home goods, I'm doing a SPRINT GIVEAWAY. Since I'm leaving for Mississippi next week, I need to find this little guy a home, and fast. It starts today and ends Wednesday, June 18th

To enter: 
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Post an Instagram of something you've made by hand for yourself, your home. It can be a decoration, piece of furniture, a pie even! Just anything you made by hand. And get creative with it! Then tag me (@lebaroness) and hashtag it with #madebyhandforme. 

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**Since shipping isn't really an option at this point, this may only be applicable to people in Utah. That is, unless you can arrange a way for someone to pick it up for you! Must be picked up by Thursday. 


  1. Yep, I'm with you on the DIY rave. Buying from a store sounds good to me. Gorgeous work on that wood though.