A Day in Colorado

The very first leg of our journey out to Mississippi was Utah --> Colorado --> Kansas. Let me tell you, Colorado was full of adventure and surprises for us. We arrived late friday evening in Avon, CO (just outside of Vail) and woke up early the next day to go white water rafting.

I had never been before, so I was way stoked on it. They had me sitting in the very front and everything! I was a little less stoked half way through when my body went completely numb from the freezing cold water and I could hardly move. Even without any feeling from my shoulders down, it was fun and beautiful!

After getting cleaned up, we headed off to Kansas. We didn't make it far when we decided to stop in Vail. All anyone said about Vail was how amazing it was and we just had to check it out! We planned to just take a ride up the gondola then get on the road. Unfortunately, it was raining and they shut it down till the storm passed. So we decided to walk around while we waited.

Vail is awesome. There were mountain bikers everywhere, and so many cool shops! It's like Park City, but with a little more European feel. Seriously cool. My mom's recent trip to Italy has made her totally Gelato obsessed, so she insisted that we stop for some.

I love her. She's so fun to hang out with.

Gelato was awesome.

Macarons were seriously gross. I tried taking a way cute and freakin artsy photo of them. They turned out to be just really bad. That's what I get for trying to be super trendy.

 I just couldn't get over how green everything was. Don't get me wrong, Utah is beautiful. I love Utah summers. But holy moly I just died at these views! And if I was a mountain biker, this would be the place to go. There were tracks all down the mountain that made my jaw drop. I definitely want to come back, and bring Casey with me.


  1. so glad you loved it! i'm such a big colorado fan. you're the cutest!
    ps hate when macarons are gross...only a few are good!

  2. looks like so much fun, i sriously love water rafting. & vail is SO cool!

  3. Water rafting looks SO fun. And what a pretty place!! Haha and bummer about those macarons.

  4. wait that last pic is GORGEOUS and your mom looks like a hoot and i hate macaroons too so go us! hahaha