Brooke Taylor here. This blog started as a fun project in high school in 2009. Since then, it's had maybe 20 name changes, and has stopped and restarted maybe 100 times. I've used it as a way of sharing parts of my life in an honest, mostly fun, way. But enough about me, let's try something new. My goal for this blog in 2018 is to inspire you to live your most creative life. I'll still be sharing bits and pieces of my personal life, but I'll try to share more projects, inspiration, happiness hacks, and more stuff that'll help you live your best, most creative and meaningful life.

Want to be a part of it all? I'd love to collaborate on projects or even talk about guest posts. Send me a quick email by clicking the contact button on the top menu! 

p.s. If you're wondering why I don't have a super cute professional photo of me on this page, the answer is: This is my blog, I make the rules, and I just didn't feel like it.