Playlist: Baby Lee

In the first days of motherhood I often found myself feeling helpless. I could hardly walk, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't get my baby to sleep, and he was hooked up to supplemental oxygen, which made me feel even more helpless. I didn't feel like I could help my baby, or myself. As weeks went on there were hard moments where I just needed everything to stop and for time to stay still. Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the lows I felt postpartum, and I'll share more on that another time. But there was one thing that would always make me feel calm, if only for a moment. Music. I made this playlist and listened to it anytime I needed to feel peace. I would stand in the hot shower and listen to the words, or hold Lee when we couldn't sleep, and hum the melodies to make him feel safe and loved. That's why I named this playlist Baby Lee. As the years go by I'll always be able to turn on these songs and remember those first days with him and those special moments we had together. 

Click HERE to listen to this playlist on Spotify. 

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