Ladies of St. Louis

One of my favorite stops on the way to Mississippi was St. Louis. We stayed right in the heart of St. Louis and could even see the arch from our hotel room! My mom had wanted to see the St. Louis Arch her whole life, so we just had to spend a day there. Did I mention our hotel had free soda and popcorn every night? Amazing!

After a fun night of endless popcorn and soda, we rested up and headed to the arch! It was seriously so cool to walk around the base. If you stand in the middle and look up, you get so dizzy you almost fall over! Seriously, try it.

If you go inside the visitor center, you can jump into these little pods that take you up to the top. That's where it gets really cool. You can look out these little windows and see the whole city of St. Louis! I'll admit, I don't know the city well enough to know what everything is, but there were two buildings I could definitely pick out!

The first was Busch Stadium, where the St. Louis Cardinals play.

The other was the Old Courthouse. We went inside the old Courthouse for a few minutes to cool off and ended up finding a really cool historical treasure! That was the place where so many historical political events took place including Dred Scott suing for freedom, and women fighting for the right to vote! It was cool walking around thinking about how so many famous historical figures had walked those halls.

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  1. ahhh st louis is one of my very favorite cities in the us. love the pics.