of July

So yesterday, miss Jen Ballard posted a status on her facebook about needing new music, and i had a whole heap of songs to share with her. I absolutely LOVE sharing music with people. love it.
Then, I just realized i never blog about music. WHAT!? Music is the most important thing to me, it is what i am most passionate about in life. HOW have i not shared this with everyone? it brings pain to my soul. Okay i'm being a little dramatic, but seriously! Where has my mind been. Absolutely outrageous. I am ashamed. Okay now getting to it. Here are a few of my favorite songs as of late that i think all of you should know about. (These are only links to the Youtube video of the song until i finish figuring out how to upload them to my blog)
Here's a varitey
once again, sorry for the bad quality of the youtube videos and whatever. i'll improve for the next post.

Oh Land - Sun of a Gun (check out the Jacob Plant Remix too, but i really love the original)
Kid Cudi -Up Up & Away (make sure you get the clean version, i've got the whole album if you want me to send you a clean track)
Cathedrals -Jump Little Children
Sojourn -Natasha Bedingfield
You Are the One -Shiny Toy Guns


a little preview of the next post about Amanda's Wedding!

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