So tomorrow, me and Chloe are driving down to AZ for Amanda's wedding! I really can't believe one of my best friends are getting married! She and her fiance, Robby, are simply adorable. I really love them. They just got a bunch of tickets for everyone to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter with them, no biggie. That should be fun after a whole day of driving!


Oh, and want to hear something great? So the first time i saw Harry Potter, as in the first movie, was the first time i had ever even heard of Harry Potter. I was too busy playing sports and doing other things to read. Anyway, from what i remember, my mom, Chloe's mom, and Abby's mom took us all out of school early and took us to an afternoon showing. Chloe and Abby were all about it, had their robes, wands, and were stoked beyond all belief. I, on the other hand, thought it was stupid that they were wearing capes, and when my mom tried to make me one, i think i put up a fight. Haha i wish i had a picture of it. So i went to the first with cousins, and now i'm going to the last, with..one cousin, at least. With my life, i'll probably run into a million other cousins this year too.


I'm going to be honest though i don't know if i'm going to dress up! What do you think? Are you going? Are you dressing up? What as?