So i was thinking. Well, let me start from the beginning. Actually, there's not really a beginning or an end because this isn't really a story its more of a though process.
Anyway, I was talking to my co-workers last week about how if you want to undo anything on your computer you just click ctrl+z. If you delete something, it undeletes it, if you do anything basically it just undos it. I called it the 'Universal Undo' (of course referring to computers). I happened to be using it a lot this week, and i started thinking how some people talk about 'What if life had an undo button?' So i though, what would life really be like if we did have a real Universal Undo button for life! Then i thought this,

If there were such thing as an Undo button in life, we'd never get anywhere.
Think about it. If we could undo anything we did, we'd all become perfectionist, undoing actions left and right that we didn't think were perfect or right. Mistakes are what shape out lives. Not only mistakes, but just the everyday choices that we make! Yeah, there are things we wish we had done, or not done, but those choices we made are what created this life we have now.

I am so happy with my life right now. I am happy where i am, what i am doing, and i am excited for the future. I love that i can't wait to move forward and to see what's next.

picture from last summer @ the spot

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