Awxy Harry oo me likey

okay okay okay, so, we all saw HP and it was amazing. Lets be honest, it just was. Yeah, some people feel like their childhood is ending and its some big thing, but i just was sad that the movies are over because i really like them hahah.

So here is us standing in line outside for 5 billion hours. jk only like a couple because we totally cut in line with people. it was awesome.
This is what i like to call 'Awxy' modeling. Its this new thing where you pose really awkward but it looks really sexy. Me and Emily are professionals so if you want us to model for you for money, its fine just give us a call.

Okay so this is Chloe, she was way more sentimental about this whole experience than i was. But she should have been. She dressed up as a Hogwarts student, and it was simply adorable. She wore the robe that she wore to the first Harry Potter movie we went to (see last post). She and kaitlyn cried. So much. It was so tender, and i loved it. I tried to cry but all i could get was teary eyed, but it was totally genuine don't worry.

And THIS is the best part. I'm sorry if this embarrasses you Emily, but this is just the best thing of my life and you should laugh about it too. Any moment that anyone has that could've been taken right out of a movie should just be cherished. SO here's what happened. We went and got drinks and popcorn, and were taking it back to our seat. We sat on the last row in the front section, so we were just behind the seats putting our stuff down. Just like any other midnight showing, there were some goobers with beach balls, hitting them around the theater. Just after we put our drinks down, someone in the front row just smacked the ball so hard, sending it straight at Emily and her popcorn. I think i saw this next part in slow motion...the popcorn exploded. It went everywhere! It flew in every direction. The whole theater all gave a really loud 'Ooooo....'. I was really sad. But i went and got her more popcorn and then she was happy. Obviously this isn't the happy picture, but this is the saddest picture i've ever seen and it is just too great to not share. Its funny today though, right Em?

Maybe the best thing of the night were all of Emily's stupid Harry Potter Jokes, they were AWESOME. I don't remember all of them but i just remember that
You're momma's so ugly that they names Hogwarts after her.
great times.

What was your favorite part of HP!?


  1. My favorite part? The whole thing. Don't judge me that I am gonna go see it again. And I will probably cry even more. Love you

  2. oh my goodness! i just read this. my life is so pitiful it's almost disgusting. i love you a lot.