Wedding Highlights: First Look

Okay so you're probably super sick of me posting pictures of me in my wedding dress. If that's the case, just hold tight for a couple days. If not, here's the first look!

Traditionally I think people do the first look on their wedding day. We took our bridals about a week before, so Casey got a little preview of what he'd get a week later :)

Photos by Claire Hunstberger

I don't why I felt so nervous about it haha. When I took the blindfold off, and he turned around and saw me, my eyes filled with tears. Everything hit me at once when I saw his face light up. I think he felt the same way because even though he'll never admit it, I saw his eyes get a little watery too.

Nothing makes me giddier than seeing Casey's reaction in these pictures. It makes me excited all over again!

FUN FACT: I blind folded him with an extra piece of lace from my dress. I also used the extra lace to wrap my bouquet and my bridesmaids' flowers! 


  1. This is so darling. His face says it all.


  2. i think i'm going to cry now! CUTEST.

  3. His reaction is perfect! So adorable. I love your dress, Jann did such an amazing job!