Wedding Highlights: Bridals

Guys, I've been selfish. I've been keeping these things to myself all this time! I wish you could see me freaking out behind my laptop right now. After spending a couple hours completely obsessing over my bridals, I chose some of my favorites to post. Now, you may find yourself thinking, "Hey Brooke, you pretty good in these!" Well, that's because I picked them. HAHA I'm totally kidding. All the cred goes to the one and only, AMAZING photographer, Claire Huntsberger. Yep, same one who did our engagements. She is amazing. There's a picture of me with like a triple chin and I still feel like I look really good in it, even with a triple chin. That's how good she is. Anyway, here they are. 

I can't believe how gorgeous the location was. You can't tell by the pictures, but it was supposed to rain that day! It had been raining the whole week, and poured the whole week after. But I guess the skies knew we needed this one, so they took a break. It's funny, because I actually flew out later that afternoon to Arizona! So this was the last time I was Casey until the day before we got married!

I can't believe how handsome he looked the day we took bridals. I mean I always think he's cute, duh, but are you kidding me right now? Neither of us tend to get glammed out too often, so it was amazing what happened when we both cleaned up a little! I mean LOOK AT HIM! It's funny because when you tell him to model, he mocks guys and acts like he's really funny, but then turns out looking like a real model. Well, at least I think so.

I know you're probably way curious about the dress. It was custom made, and I'll fill you in on all the details later. It was a dress so amazing, it deserves a post of it's own.

^^^ I LOVE MY RING ^^^

The other day Casey and I were looking through some of these and he said to me, "I miss seeing you in your wedding dress. I wanna see you in it again!" I won't lie I was a little taken back this. It's just funny how a girl transforms when she puts on her wedding dress. I guess as the bride you never think of it like that, because you still think of yourself as yourself. It's amazing how a little makeup and a fancy white dress can dress can really make a girl glow. 


  1. amazing. unreal. love all of them!!!

  2. brooke. these are INSANELY beautiful!!

  3. Okay, these are perfection. And yes, give us the details on your dress! Dying over hurrr

  4. I love where all of these are shot! Reminds me of a Jan Austen novel. Beautiful!