Muddy Water and Pistols

It may seem like all I do out here is post about my wedding and take pictures of my Moleskine.

That's only half true. 

Every once in a while we'll go out and do something fun! You know I can't still for long, so whenever Casey has time off, I make sure we get out and do something. It's been hard to plan a lot of things because we're always some place new. Sometimes we just go out and explore, and sometimes we go out with the group and do big activities. Here's some of the fun stuff we were able to do the last few weeks in Oxford, Mississippi. 

Sardis Lake

We were all pretty hesitant about getting in the muddy water. You can't see what's going on underneath there! But hey, lukewarm brown lake water is better than nothin!

They have some serious green going on here. It felt like we were in the jungle!

What's a trip to the lake without a GoPro selfie?

Hunters Hollow

The second we saw this place, we made plans to go shooting. I grew up shooting, but I had actually never been to a range. So this was pretty fun! And it made me feel like I was home again. 

Tip: If you ever feel super stressed and can't find relief, go to a shooting range.


  1. i am so proud of you for being out there with him!

    i went and visited Will twice and just about passed out from boredom.
    love that you are so happy!!

  2. That looks like so much fun. My go to place when I am super stressed is a batting cage....same concept haha.
    Your life is adorable.