Slow Down

I never stopped. I feel like the last few weeks of my life have been extremely fast paced. I feel bad for not talking to my mom so much, and even blowing off some of my best friends because I seemed to be too busy to make time for them (my mistake...there should always be time for friends and loved ones.) I even realized at one point that all i had eaten for 2 weeks straight was a variety of Spinach smoothies and Cliff Bars. (eww..?)

Events, events, events. First, my life is consumed by helping plan the Matt Costa concert, (wait, i just realized I didn't post anything about that. don't worry, i'll get to it someday eventually...) and next thing you know, I'm one of the communications directors on a BYUSA campaign! (which bt-dubbs was one of the most insane experiences of my life...I'll update you on that soon I'm sure too...)

Relaxing seemed impossible! Throughout these weeks, whenever I tried to just sit down and relax, i couldn't do it. I honestly couldn't get my mind or my body to sit still. I tried turning on relaxing music, but just couldn't stand the slow pace and would change it right away. i just kept thinking,


Whoa, calm down. Once everything ended, i decided to just chill, mentally. I don't mean just not thinking at all, I mean just letting my mind take a break from all the noise and craziness of my non-stop crazy life. I started making my daily commute to school a silent one (this is usually the biggest no-no of my car rules...I ALWAYS have music playing in my car..) and i started looking for some 'chill' music.

So i searched. I looked to my itunes 'chill' playlist. Let's be honest, EVERYONE has a playlist labeled 'chill'. Am i right? Yes, I know.

Nothing. Everything on that so-called 'chill' playlist was all moderately-fast paced music with super sick beats that made me want to dance at least in my kitchen if not in my car, at school, or in other public places.

Time to explore. I really love finding new music. It's usually a part of my Saturday morning routine! (wake up early-go back to sleep-wake up late-find new music-blog-blog stalk-morning hang out @ afterpartyyy-accomplish on and so forth.) But this week i started early. I pulled in some artists i had listened to a little (Bon Iver), pulled out some classics (Norah Jones...) and discovered some other songs as well.

Reflection. I took a lot of time to kind of chill, i guess, and just think about my life and my priorities. I thought about where I am, and where I want to be. I made some new goals, and made a plan for them. This week is going to be hard. Freaking hard. But with all the inspiring and motivation things I can find on Pinterest, I'm sure i can do it.

Here are some of those super awesome chill songs that let me calm my life down.

Bon Iver - Holocene

Beirut - Elephant Gun

Llovera - Mia Maestro

Cannonball - Damien Rice

Michicant - Bon Iver


  1. most used playlist on my ipod: chill. yep it's titled chill. if you're on the hunt for some new good chill tunes might i suggest these gems: alela diane, alexi murdoch, angus & julia stone, beach house, camera obscura, fanfarlo, johnny flynn, nick drake, the paper kites, pinback, s. carey, sea wolf, and zee avi.