My Rapping Career

Something you have to understand about me is that I love ALL genres of music. I love some more than others, but there's a time and a place for every type of music. In the case of rap music, the time is long drives to Bountiful, UT; the place is my car.

Yep, thats right. I have full out concerts right there on the I-15 in front of all those other drivers. And I'm not just talking about singing along to the radio. I'm talking hood on, windows down, volume way way up.  

And thats just the way i like it. 

You know, my 8th grade Biology teacher, Mr. Toft, did tell me I'd grow up to be a famous rapper. I remember like it was yesterday. Here's the thing I just don't understand. I'm terrible at rapping.  Absolutely terrible. The worst there ever was. That's why I keep it to myself in my car on long drives, where my steering wheel is my biggest fan. My favorites are Eminem, Old School Rap, and the Grouch. Any of the people who drive past me can't judge. I probably made their day, and I'll never see them ever again! 

Oh except for this one time, the other night, when i rapped "Shoop" at a karaoke night at Guru's. I had been to a million karaoke nights, but never had the guts to do anything on my own.

Saturday night we played a show at Velour Live Music Gallery with Mad Diving BaronsBrady Parks and the IndiAnns, & Friends & Friends. We also wore matching shirts. And by matching shirts, I mean we all wore the exact same shirt. Max ordered 1, and they sent him 6. We took it as a sign, and this happened: 

While we were waiting to go on stage, we walked around Downtown Provo to find something to eat. Ended up at Guru's. Rapped. 

It was awesome. And then we played a GREAT show! 

Happy Rapping everyone.

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