End of the Year Concert

Me and Mom!

If you know me, you know that cello is a HUGE part of my life. It's my passion. That feeling you get after playing a standard classical work for a huge audience. It's a high you can't get anywhere else. I love that you can feel like you're a part of history when you play something that was composed by a musical genius more than 100 years earlier! It's not only playing, but classical music in general. I absolutely love classical music. It's my thing!

I wasn't in any orchestra last year, and I missed it SO MUCH. This semester I decided to dip my toe back in, so I signed up for the University Strings. The orchestra is designed to be for students to have musical experience but are not music majors, and is only one night a week to work with our busy college schedules! Being in a less-serious orchestra was actually pretty fun! 

While I watched the University Orchestra perform after us, I actually got pretty emotional. Hearing a symphony play Berlioz, Beethoven, and Sibelius reminded me how much I loved being in orchestras and symphonies over the years! It reminded me of high school when I would practice 3-4 hours a day, and made me think of all the stressful auditions I had to go through. It even made me miss going to see groups play!

Brooke & Brooke

SO I thought, hey, why not get back into this! This morning I bought myself an early birthday present. 

BYU Chamber Orchestra: Tuesday, March 27
Utah Symphony & Chorale: Friday, April 27

and I'm SO PUMPED.

...now I just have to find someone to come with me!

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  1. oh my gosh, i am so jealous that you play the cello. i think it is one of the most beautiful instruments, seriously, i love it. just thought you should know.