If Justin Bieber was your boyfriend.

Justin came out with his new single "Boyfriend" today. Here it is.

I've never been a huge Bieber fan. I've never had Bieber Fever, and I've NEVER referred to myself as a 'Belieber' under any circumstances. I've never even seen his movie. But I will tell you what, this new single is sick. His "Tween dream swagger," (@Jocelyn Vena) in this new single has got a Justin Timberlake - Chris Brown feel to it. It sounds like little Justin has finally grown up and found his man-voice.

This new single was co-written and co-produced by Mike Posner. That could be why it's so smooth and sounds so different than "Baby" or some of his other hits. The combination of Posner's stylistic influence and what seems to be a Justin Timberlake feel makes it seem like Justin has finally found his swag.

So, will Justin actually become more than a tween who makes all the 14-year-old girls scream till they throw up? Is this single the start to a whole new Justin? I sure hope so. More music like this and I think I could be into it!

What are your thoughts on it? Do you like this new grown up Justin?