Twas the Day Before Christmas...

Twas the day before Christmas.
Okay so I was going to do the whole rhyming thing but let's be honest i'm a lazy blogger, and it probably wouldn't end up making any sense anyway! So i'll just give it to you straight. 

This morning we went to my Grandma & Grandpa LeBaron's for the whole Christmas party type thing. Basically what happens is all the kids go stand on the fireplace by age group, starting with the youngest, and Grandma gives them all the same gift and they get to unwrap it in front of everyone! We've done this forever and always. I love it! Our family has grown so much that it's almost become just straight chaos. Little kids running EVERYWHERE. Chloe's wildest dream. Me and Tanner took some pictures with this little cutie right here. Amy's kid, Bowen. He's probably the chillest nephew we have. kind of just chills and smiles at you. Such a lovely one. 

(once again, iphone pictures, so i apologize for the poor quality! I should start bringing my camera places...)

After Grandma's house, we went shooting with the Wattles and some of their cousins. It was a BLAST! (hah so punny.) 

Tanner backed me up. That little one had some kick!

We even took the new M4 Carbine out for a spin

After that we ran home to clean up the house and help Mom with her last minute Christmas tasks. Blasting Christmas music all around the house got us into the holiday spirit just in time for the night. 

While i was doing the dishes, my little brother Tanner grabbed me and started dancing! Who is this kid!?

Isn't my little brother just the cutest? 

Well, we've all got our Christmas Flannel PJ's on, and to be honest, we've all been ready for bed for a few hours. Okay maybe just me. I took a little nap earlier, and Tanner's just playing COD in the other room. My mom is wrapping gifts and my dad is smoking a roast (whaaaaat!?).  I love my family and i'm thankful for this wonderful Christmas season.

 Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! 

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