A 'Havenly' Burger

haha okay so that post title is THE WORST. I've been watching Friends all morning so my sense of humor is really bad right now. 
So yesterday Tanner took us to Haven Burger, a new burger place in downtown Mesa. He went there every day during the summer, so the owner knows him by name and knows his exact order. I've always wanted a place like that, you know, where you walk in..

Owner: 'hey Brooke!'
Me: 'hey Bob! hows it goin?'
Bob: 'ehhh, it's been a little slow today because of the holiday season, but I'm not worried, it'll pick back up. ...So what's it gonna be, the usual?'
Me: 'You know me too well Bob...'

...then we continue to talk about his wife and kids and his new little dog they got for their youngest child, Jerry, or something. who knows, maybe he gets a bird.

Anyway, we go to Haven Burger, and i am telling you. THE BEST burger i've ever had in my lifetime. If you are in Mesa, or are going anywhere near Mesa anytime soon, be SURE to stop by there. It's right across the street from the temple, you can't miss it! And get the California Burger. It's seriously the best. And let me know if you loved it as much as i did! 
Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Christmas posts coming soon!

That's right...avocado & bacon burger. WHAAA?

 That thing was gone SO fast. And if you think i'm not wearing any make up and it looks like I made next to absolutely no effort to get ready, you'd be right. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up back there again before this week is over. 

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  1. i'm jealous of your laid back style. i wish i looked that good without makeup! and now i want that burger, ha!