Camelback Mountain Adventure

You see that little mountain far off into the distance? That's Camelback Mountain. I've always heard of people hiking it, and i've seen a million pictures of people at the top, but i've never done it! Can you believe that? An Arizona native who hasn't even hiked Camelback. wow. Yeah, Kimberly and I climbed to the very tip top. It's not an impossible hike, but it's kind of tough. It was a great workout, and a great way to start my morning! 

Hiking with Kimberly is always the best! Not only is she one of my best friends, but we can just talk for hours about anything and everything. It's a great time. 

On the hike

 At the top! The view looked like this in every direction.

I really like to take pictures of Kimberly flexing. Don't ask me why. But she sure is strong, isn't she!

at the top of Camelback with my CamelBak.

Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!

aaaand of course, before we got home we hit up Haven Burger one more time. Kimberly's dad joined us too. They both loved it!

The whole entire hike we had Selena Gomez's 'Love You Like A Lovesong' stuck in our heads. Maybe that's why our pace was so fast!

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