Home Creation

I've always loved the look of antlers. I did grow up in a family of hunters, you know. But usually i'm not patient enough to hunt. Seriously, i think i just get trigger happy. Anyway, i wanted some antlers in my room/apartment. So I mounted some on my own! well, kinda.

My brother, Marc, had some antlers he found for me when he went hunting a few weeks ago. We sawed off the back, and put the skull part in bleach to make it really white. 

After spraying them off, we used a piece of wood from the Dinosaur Tree. If you don't know what the Dinosaur Tree is, i'll give you a briefing on it. see post on Paul Millet.

 okay so anyway, he had an insanely tall cedar tree at his house. The cool thing about this tree was it always looked like it was shaped like a dinosaur! You could see it from the street, and we would always love passing it and pointing it out to people. I loved that i got a piece of this tree for this project!

After prepping the antlers, we screwed them on the wood and called it good.

Love it? 
Now i've just got to find the best spot to put it. The random place on the wall in my living room where there was a random screw just isn't working. hahaha

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