Themes for 2018

I've always been a fan of making changes for the new year. Not necessarily resolutions, but things I want to improve on. I also love doing this throughout the year. But I think even though there are many seasons of change, I love the hype around the new year, and making new years goals! 

This year I've decided to go with three theme words, then make smaller habits to help me make changes to my life. I'm giving myself the flexibly to make goals throughout the year all under the umbrella of these three theme words. Anyway, the three words are Proactive, Intentional, and Grounded.


I've lived the last year in a mostly reactive state. I went along, did my best, and just kind of let things happen to me. Then I just reacted and adjusted. In the next year I want to decide what I want my life to be like, and take action to make it that way. This doesn't mean by the end of the year my life will be 100% different. It might not look any different to any of you, actually. Even in small ways, in my day-to-day living, I want to be more proactive and action-oriented in my life. 

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Okay, I know. You've probably seen this word everywhere. People use is so much that it almost starts to lose its flavor. BUT I just couldn't get it out of my head. This goes hand in hand wth Proactive, but it different to me. Here's why. To me, intention covers the spiritual and emotional side of things. My aim is to have better control over my emotions, my reactions to what happens to me, and where I'm at emotionally, mentally and spiritually. One thing I've already started doing to help with this is reframing - a nifty little practice I picked up from Happier, a podcast by Gretchen Rubin. Learn more about reframing HERE. I hope to use reframing in improving my relationships with others. 

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I don't know if it's that I live in Utah, or that I follow certain people on social media, but I feel like I'm constantly feeling like everyone around me has got it figured out. They've got it all together. And I don't. And you know what that does to me? It makes me subconsciously think "well, I should have it together. I should have a new, perfect-looking apartment. I should have the newest, cutest clothes! I should have the time and money to go out and do all these fun things and trips that everyone else is going on. I should have everything!" Then you know what happens? I made stupid decisions. I get lost in all of this nonsense. I spend money I don't need to spend. I buy things I don't need to buy. I make choices, not based on what I like or what  want, but based on what I think I should be doing. ENOUGH. I'm done getting my head stuck in the clouds. I'd like to stay grounded, in my own head, and doing my own thing. 

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Do you pick themes for the year? Or are you more of a quantifiable-goal-oriented type? What are you aiming to accomplish or change this year? 

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  1. I love these three words - especially the last two. I feel the same, intentional gets thrown around a lot, but I love how you're going to use it. But I think grounded is my favorite because I struggle with the same problem!