Wedding Highlights | Let them eat cake! ...and pizza

Yep, here it is, another wedding post. This is the fun part though. The food.

I knew it from the beginning, I wanted pizza. Fortunately we have some family that makes pizza, and they were happy to help! Trust me, it tastes as delicious as it looks. The ovens we used are the same ones I posted about a couple of weeks ago here. And what goes best with pizza? Rootbeer and Cream Soda!

all photos by Cami.

I just figured if I'm have pretty much a big party to celebrate our marriage, I might as well have some really good food there. Good food to me is tons of really good pizza and unlimited fruit! 

I found these baskets on Etsy, and thought it would be cool to just set those out and let people fill them with as much as fruit as they wanted! I don't know about you, but to me, that's a dream come true. My mom wasn't sold on the idea from the beginning, but like most details of the reception, once it was set up, she was convinced!

Okay now for the delicious part. The cake, duh! My cousin Sarah made every single one of the cakes served at the reception. I asked her to make really really delicious cakes. Let me tell you, they were even more delicious than they look! There were around 10 different cakes, with almost 10 different varieties or flavors. I tried a slice of every single one :)

To me, the food turned out perfectly. I even made sure me and Casey sat down to have some food and cake before the night got too late. Best decision ever!

Who's hungry now?


  1. I'M HUNGRY NOW! those cakes are definitely my fave part -- wow, so pretty! love it all!


  2. uhh yeah, definitely hungry now! those pizzas! and those cakes! oh myy.. i'm not even a huge cake person and those make me want cake! beautiful wedding!

  3. This definitely makes me hungry for some sweets! Who did your photography? It's amazing!

  4. Everything looks perfect! You did a great job at planning your wedding

  5. this is a stunning wedding. absolutely gorgeous! i LOVE the fruit basket idea and the fact that you had a million cakes. every bit of this is fabulous.

  6. Random question here - did you hire any servers/waiters/etc. to help cut cake, serve food, etc.?

    1. I didn't! I have LOTS of family, and we all kind of help each other out with these things. I had some family who makes pizza for events so they did the pizza, and a few aunts who volunteered to help out with the food! It was all self-serve besides the cake.