Adventures | Pine Valley

I can't tell you how unreal Labor Day weekend was. Words cannot express how perfect it felt. We went down to Pine Valley with some friend of ours, Carter and Jane. We stayed in an amazing cabin surrounded by beautiful land. All day every day we fished, rode atv's, shot guns, explored, or just chilled! And we didn't get any service so there were no distractions to keep us from enjoying the beautiful earth God has given us the entire weekend.

I've always loved the mountains. To me, the mountains mean peace, spirituality, and being closer to God. This is a little embarrassing, but I have been known to get a little emotional on our drives up the canyon. Sometimes I am just overwhelmed by the majesty of the mountains, and overcome with amazement of the beauty God has put right in front of our eyes.

Another reason I love escaping to the mountains, and I've told Casey this before, is because that's where I fell in love with Casey. Sorry for getting all mushy gushy, but it's true! When we were dating one of our favorite things to do was go on Sunday drives up the canyon, or go explore together. We had so many long walks and talks that brought us closer together, and each time I fell harder and harder for him. Every time we go back I feel more in love than ever.


  1. This is so beautiful. I love little getaways like this. I always wish we had more time to just drive out in the mountains for a weekend and stay there. I sometimes take for granted all the wonderful & beautiful things we live so close to. And nothing better than taking some good friends along with you.

  2. beautiful mountain scenery! i thoroughly believe that being in the mountains is refreshing for our hearts. love that you fell in love in the mountains.