books are cool and stuff

I recently graduated from college. Sometimes it feels like I left with whole lot of experience and knowledge. Other times I feel like "what the heck just happened?" I'll be honest, there's not much solid information that I could just regurgitate for you. I still have no idea how cell reproduction works. The most I know about chemistry is what I learned from watching The Bachelor. I literally could not tell you one thing about Accounting. That class is one D+ blur I'd like to forget. 

I do feel like I learned a lot about life. I feel like I learned a lot about people. I know more about not only the world around me, but also how it works, and how I see it, and how I should see it. I learned that life is what you make it and the only person that limits you is yourself.

Oh course, I learned about advertising. I learned how to concept and create an amazing ad. I learned enough about design to actually enjoy it. I learned how to stand in front of a group of people, and pitch an idea like it's the solution to the world's problems, and to work people I can't stand at all. 

But I want to keep learning. Here's why.

Something I learned in church when I was young that always stuck with me is the importance of continuing your education. Although I learned it in church, I don't think the concept limits itself to my religion. I think that it is always a good thing to be learning, progressing, and growing. Here are a few quotes that I love about this subject.

For me, it starts with reading. It starts with setting goals, and working hard to reach them. They may be small, but hey, progress is progress. I've never been much of a reader. I mean, once I can get into a book, you'll never see me put it down. But that happens rarely. Typically, the only books that really draw me in are accounts of Holocaust survivors, or autobiographies of famous cellists. Well, that and the first two books of the Hunger Games trilogy. I mean, come on, what happened with that third one? I tried starting it twice and I just couldn't do it!

But I can change. 

There's nothing I hate more than stopping where I'm at. There's nothing that scares me more than being right where I am forever. As humans, our job is to learn all that we can. I mean, come one! Information is dripping from our fingertips! We've never had access to this much information. It's crazy when you think about it.

Keep learning 
Keep growing 
Keep progressing! 

I believe in a life after this life we have on earth. They say "you can't take it with you." But guess what you can take with you?

If anyone else agrees, disagrees, or has anything to add, please comment below! I 'd love to hear what you think.


  1. I agree with you! i started to get nervouse if graduating because I was so scared I wouldn't learn. Obviously, we are always learning, but because of this deep fear I went around to my favorite teachers asking books they'd recommend cause I feel like I learn a lot from reading. So far it's been pretty good :)

  2. I couldn't get through the 3rd Hunger Games book for the life of me either. ha! I loved that last quote you posted from President Hinckley. Life would be so dull and stagnant if we weren't learning. The most important thing college taught me was to love learning! Sometimes it was a bit of a love hate relationship though haha. Love your blog Brooke!

  3. oh, and that comment ^ was from Ashley Duffin :)

  4. I left BYU a year ago without a degree, and only recently have I begun to regret that decision. Not enough to go back right now, and I still understand that that was the best decision for me, but I haven't really "continued my education" like I promised myself I would. I've learned a lot about life and real jobs, yes, but I haven't taken advantage of my time to take free classes online or read (which college totally ruined for me), or actually figure out what I'm doing with my life.

    Anyway, life is weird and certainly nothing like I thought it would be. It's always good to have a reminder to keep going!