Wedding: A Work in Progress

As if preparing for graduation, planning a wedding, and planing for after the wedding wasn't enough, I decided to start an internship up in SLC. You could say I feel a little overwhelmed.

Because I've been so busy, I found that hadn't really enjoyed wedding planning. Which is stupid, because this is the only time I'll ever have this experience, so I should enjoy it and have fun!

So, I've made this whole planning thing more of a priority, and decided I was going to have fun and love it. And guess what, I love it. Yeah it can be stressful at times, reaaaaaally stressful. But I've found little ways to stay focused and enjoy it.

I seriously can't wait for you to see how everything turns out. I'm so obsessed with all of it, and when I close my eyes, I can picture my wedding reception perfectly and I almost want to cry.

Here's what's been in progress lately.


We found a venue. Yes, it's an orange patch, and yes, it will be beautiful.


Flowers are full speed ahead. Fortunately, I have super crafty sisters who are great with flowers. We ordered a TON of wildflowers of all different colors, and we're going to put together boquets and centerpieces ourselves. Chill, right? Cheap too.


DRESS IS IN PROGRESS. Honestly I'm so so so excited to see how it turns out. I've never been huge on the traditional wedding dresses. They look soooo uncomfortable and make me want to die. Luckily Jann is a professional and will make something I absolutely love.

Of course I'm making sure to eat super super clean preparing for my wedding. I'm not going on any extreme diets, but I did give up soda, and I'm making sure to only put good things in my body.

I'm already in pretty good shape, so I'm not really looking to lose a ton of weight. But I am making sure I'm working out every morning, so I am looking my best for my big day! Nothing much crazier than what I usually do, just more consistent.

 next stop: engagements. But there's only one problem. WHAT DO I WEAR!? Seriously. Any tips? Or does anyone just want to DRESS ME?


  1. Wear neutrals. With tons of texture. You guys are hot, so the pictures will pretty much rock.

  2. I definitely think a skirt/dress with him in a tie is a great option! unless you're looking to be more dressy. But, I think you want to look your best in the invite you send out! I can't wait to see your reception, the orange patch will be a dream!

  3. sounds like a perfect az wedding!
    i'll come dress you for your pics!

  4. Jann Nielsen's making your dress??! So awesome.

  5. I have to say my Bookie girl that the shower plans are going wonderful. Many hands make light work. That's what I'm hoping for. Your Mom tells me I have lots of helpers on hand.. No worries about the cut stuff, I have that well in hand. I'm quite sure your going to love it. Got the ideas from your Pinterest ideas. Love your blog, kind of a fun thing to do.

  6. sorry I'm not Anonymous