Saturday Treats

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Although I tend to eat pretty healthy, I'll be the first to tell you it's okay to have a donut every once in a while, or a cheeseburger even. It's possible to have a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy your favorite treats, if you're smart about it! I promise. 

If you're a normal person, you probably see super fit skinny chicks like Olivia eating donuts every second of the day and wondering how they're not already on The Biggest Loser. I'm here to tell you that donuts are not the enemy. It's okay to like them, love them, crave them. It's okay to get up early on a Saturday morning and walk to the nearest bakery and buy your favorite treats. It's possible to be healthy and fit and still take part in the best Saturday tradition ever invented. Saturday morning donuts. 

Seriously though, I love Saturdays. Especially now that I have less time during the week. I get all day to do all of the things I didn't get done all the other days!

I wake up early on Saturdays. It's just a habit. Growing up, my mom never let us sleep in. We'd wake up early to do chores, and when we were done, my dad had a whole box of donuts waiting for us. So when I got up this morning and did a little cleaning, naturally, I was craving donuts! 

Since the Provo Bakery is only a few blocks away, me and Nedge walked there to get a box. Then we walked a few more blocks (by a few I mean 6) to Casey's house to surprise him!

I honestly love getting up early on Saturdays, especially when the weather is so nice outside! I just wanted to walk around all day long picking flowers and seeing the super cute houses around provo. Spring here is BEAUTIFUL!

So get out, and have an enjoyable & active Saturday, full of donuts, hikes, and friends! And eat a donut for HEAVEN'S SAKE!


  1. i love your blog :) just came upon it. via pinterest actually. also congrats on getting married soon! SO COOL. ps i live in provo too, and go to byu, and blog! wow so much in common. (also i love your disney sweatshirt you were wearing when you got engaged! where did you get it?) i'm goin all out stalking right now!

    xx, keena