good thursdays

Last Thursday was good. I finished all my work early, and headed home for nice long nap before a weekend of adventures.

As I started the long walk to my car, I just passed the library when someone stopped me. It was a girl. She asked me if my name was Brooke, to which I replied, "yes!"

"She probably recognizes me from the band," I thought. That wasn't a crazy idea. I had always been approached by random humans who recognize me from our videos on Youtube.

She paused nervously for a minute. When she finally got some words together, she told me that she had found my blog a few years ago.

She went on to tell me about how 2010 was a real tough year for her, filled with struggles. To say the least, I could relate. 2010 was definitely a challenge for me. Then she found my blog, and started reading. She told me that she found one specific post that changed everything for her. From it, she changed her attitude, life, and herself. She said that she had been wanting to thank me for years, and when she saw me walk by, she had to get up and talk to me. I'm so glad she did!

The whole time she was speaking I was caught somewhere between complete shock and a total emotional break down. I was on the verge of tears.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. You see, this is what does it for me. This is why I write. To share, to learn, and to in some way change lives. I'm not saying I have this lofty goal to change the world. What I'm saying is that if I can improve just one person's life with anything I write, then I've done my job. If I can create anything that can push through the mind and enter their heart, then I have succeeded.

here's to being yourself, and face-planting into the snow to save your oh so precious Dr. P. 


  1. This is amazing. I miss you and you're definitely well on your way to changing the world, that's for sure. And also, I respect you even more for sacrificing yourself to save the DP, good move.

  2. this is why blogging is so awesome, and in my opinion - important.

  3. okayyyyy just found your blog and i'm obsessed!