My dear friend Grace nominated me to do this blogger challenge where i tell you random things about myself. As if my blog wasn't random enough, am i right? Anyway, because i've been so absent lately, i think this is a great way to get back into the swing of things. I picked 6 of her random questions to answer. Enjoy!

favorite song of the week?
|| okay first off, i swear my favorite song this week doesn't reflect who i am as a person or my music taste in general. I've been doing a lot of creative work lately, which causes me to listen to a lot of upbeat remixes. I've gotten into this obsession with Lana Del Rey remixes and i've found a few that i absolutely LOVE. My favorite is "Blue Jeans (RAC Mix)" which can now be found on itunes or spotify! If you like Lana, you'll love this I promise.

guilty pleasure
|| Lets be honest, we all love a little drama. Of course, i'd like to hear about it way more than experience it. My guilty pleasure is trashy, dramatic, reality television shows. Real Housewives, Kardashians, Bachelor Pad, I can't get enough. I mean hey, I'd rather just observe all that drama on tv than have it my own life!

something you don't know about me.
For the last while i've been working really hard to become a spin instructor. I've gone to spin classes for 3 years now and I've always wanted to be the one up on that bike inspiring people. I love changing people's lives, I'm really passionate about living a healthy active lifestyle, and I believe that working out should be fun! This is my last year in Provo, and i've finally decided to take the challenge and get certified, but I've only told like 2 people.

beauty product i cannot live without.
|| I don't use too many beauty products, so this isn't something i'm super passionate about. I'm a pretty big tomboy. But if i have to be real, i love lipstick. Dark lipstick. I've actually been known to walk into a store and say "give me the darkest lipstick you have." I know I could probably live without it, but it's something i'm really in love with right now!

why do i blog?
|| Well, for one thing, it's a type of journaling for me. Of course I keep a more personal journal for very personal things, but this is something that highlights the great adventures i encounter in life. Keeping a blog is like sharing my experiences with the world, which I love. There so much to see and learn from each other. I also blog as a personal creative outlet. My mind is going a million miles a minute at all times. I have so many thoughts, concerns, and ideas that i'd like to get out there! I love writing and telling stories, so it's perfect for me.

I'd nominate 5 more of you but I'd rather just show you this series of the Baby Bachelor by Jimmy Kimmel. It's the most hilarious thing you'll ever see.

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