The Big Apple

This last week I had the opportunity to go to Advertising Week in NYC. I had never been so I was way pumped! As advertising students, we had the opportunity to attend seminars, classes, and we even had some agency visits scheduled. Our days were packed! Luckily, me and Aaron went over a weekend earlier so we could do all the fun tourist stuff before the busy week began. When people ask me how NY was, all i can say is "crazy," and honestly, that's the truth. It was so crazy. I don't think I ever got the chance to sit still and let it soak in. Truthfully, it's still sinking in. Okay you want pictures, and you know what I always say, "give the people what they want!" and so I will. Here a crash course of my trip through pictures, mostly from my awesome iPhone.

Great food

9/11 memorial 

Street Art

Lady Liberty

The City

The first family we stayed with had 6 of the most selfless kid I've ever met in my life. They lived in a tiny apartment and all shared a bedroom. 

 Hot Dog at Yankees Stadium 


Times Square & Free Lupe Fiasco




VIP Parties? Sure!

And there you have it kids. I've done all you can do in NYC in just 9 days. Honestly, it was probably too long haha. I was ready to go home at day 7. But hey, you only live once right? (please get the  sarcasm) 

So, now what should I do?

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