Give me Music, or Give me Death. Or Both.

Want to know what is literally the best and worst thing in the world? Music.

If you know me, you're probably gasping, crying, or even throwing up in heartache because I've said such a thing. If you know me, you know music is the biggest part of my life (next to family & church and all that good stuff of course...). Like literally I'd rather be blind and have no feet than not be able to listen to, play, and experience music.

All of my life I've struggled with something. Every single song I hear, I connect with a memory, a feeling, or a person. I'm sure most of you know exactly what I'm talking about. You cannot simply listen to a song. Every song takes your mind somewhere else, makes you think about something or someone, or makes you feel a certain way. Even if you don't still feel the same way, hearing a song can take you back to a single moment when you felt something, and the emotions come flooding back like Hurricane Sandy. (too soon?) I'm sure you can all relate.

The truth is, music has been killing me lately. Blah blah blah I know, I've been single for a while now and I should get over it but I'm seriously bugged by how I still can't listen to half my music library. (Okay maybe that's an exaggeration because I have 7,598 songs in my library and thats literally impossible..) But anyway, there's just a super fat chunk of music I haven't been able to listen to for like 2 months now and it's really starting to tick me off. Now not only has every country song been eliminated (why are they all about love hiiii) but basically a whole summer's worth of discovered music has become virtually unbearable. I'm just freaking out because its like, I won't be able to listen to Mumford & Sons or Lana Del Rey till I'm 50 years old! Bye bye Joshua Radin, listen to ya NEVER! But puhhhlease I'm not going like 10 years without listening to Samson by Regina Spektor, or First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes, or Charlie Brown by Coldplay.

Until then, I'll just listen to these next songs on repeat until something taints them too.

Girl On Fire
Now Is the Start
Countdown -I linked this to the snuggie version of the video and you have to watch it because you'll die.
*Down With the Trumpets
Mama Do the Hump
*Miss Cigarette
*Anything Could Happen


  1. The cool thing about music is that once you've stepped away for a little bit, you can always return and reconnect songs with new feelings and memories. Songs that once represented that one really awesome date together can now be a source of healing or "getting over the fact." Soon enough, it symbolizes accomplishment and growth. You had to condition yourself to the songs in the first place--so it's possible to do it again, just like you are now. Don't let the break up have more power than is neccessary. True, it's hard. True, it sucks. True, it hurts. But you're strong. You're beautiful. You're important. And you have a purpose. Let your soul fly amidst the sorrow and glide to newer and greater heights - 'cus they're out there, girl. And God's leading you to them. Lastly, keep your heart open while it's healing. Your music will thank you for it :-)

  2. This just makes me so happy. I know exactly how you feel. Seriously I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to my absolute favorite love song in the world (Fields of Gold by Sting) for a LONG. We're going through similar things my dear. And I still think we should be friends and hang out and such. You're a beauty.

  3. hey i love you. don't throw up on me.