Strong Guys

Well I'm just gonna get right to it. Milo's bodybuilding competition was this weekend and my family came in town to cheer him on! Not only did he get FIRST PLACE, but we had the best time yelling for him! I lost my voice, it was so great. I loved cheering for one of my siblings! It reminded me of when I was little and we'd go to each other's games.

When we weren't at his competition, we relaxed at home or hit up the Salt Lake City Temple and just had a good time being together.

Entertaining the kids with 007 in Walmart while the parents shopped

People in Scheels were staring.

 1st Place!

Temple Square

Let me tell you, I love my family. They came at the perfect time. A little dose of family was exactly what I needed in my life! It's especially fun now because although I am technically considered one of the adults now, I still just run around with the little kids like i'm 5. I'll always be their ring leader. 
love love love.

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