Nike Free

I like to be active
I LOVE to work out.

I hate running.
well, i DID...

Lately i have been running a lot more, (because its a better work out, obvi) and its starting to be really rough on my joints and stuff. blah blah blah..Okay you don't care about this so i'll just get to the point.
Now let me just explain how picky i am about running shoes. In my life, i think i've only had 3 pairs. It takes me forever and ever to pick them out, and my mom get so frustrated that i just settle for some and get used to them. I really think it'll be easier finding a wedding dress than is is for me finding running shoes that i love. Until this week when, with a little help from some twitter friends, i discovered

Nike Frees


They have changed my life. Okay well not literally like changed my life, but they changed the way my workouts are...which basically translates, in the long run, my life.

These things are like running on air, like jogging on clouds, like gliding through the air with complete ease. Seriously Incredible. Anyone looking for new running shoes, i totally recommend these to anyone. I love them. Running isn't so bad now! Really.

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