Arches National Park

We came, we hiked, we camped, we conquered. haha I wish it was actually that simple. Casey and I planned a trip down to Escalante to do some camping, hiking, and fishing. When we arrived at our campsite changed our mind and decided to drive up to Moab! Here's to being young and spontaneous!

By the time we got back up to Moab, we had been driving for around 10 hours, and hadn't planned where we were going to stay (first mistake). We looked up some campsites and drove around in the dark looking for an open site. None. So we sucked up our camping pride and started calling hotels. Full. Five hours earlier this seemed like such a good idea! 10 Hours earlier, when we left our apartment, this weekend was going to be so fun! But everything seemed to be going wrong. I'll admit, I was so tired and I felt so discouraged! After a small meltdown (on my part) we found a room and settled in for the night.

At this point I was thinking "What are we even doing here?? The point of camping is to not have to spend money on a hotel. The point of this trip was to get away, spend time outside, and sleep in sleeping bags, not weird gross motel beds! This is kind of hilarious, but I'm still mad! I took off work! We could've been in Arizona right now! I'm so tired! Why are we even here. We're spending too much money!" Hey, I'm just bein real. I figured this was probably 90% me being tired, and 10% the tiny control freak in my head panicking over the entire situation. 

The next morning we headed out, found a campsite right next to the river with the most amazing view, then headed into Arches National Park for the day. We weren't in any rush to see everything and anything in the park. We mostly just wanted to see the Delicate Arch, hike around, and just enjoy being outside with each other. We ended up running into two friends, including Liz! Honestly I think we could've spent all day just laying there starting at the arch and eating snacks. It is gorgeous.

Despite the small setbacks, it was an amazing little trip. I mean, have you SEEN Arches National Park? It's incredible! A real wonder. I'm glad cool places like this are so accessible to us here in Utah. It gets me excited for camping and other adventures this summer. My short list is Zions, Bryce Canyon, and Wyoming, naturally. Any suggestions?

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