Jackson Hole, WY

For Casey's fall break we decided to head north to Yellowstone. But on our way we stopped in Jackson Hole for a night! I had always seen pictures of these AMAZING antler arches, and had heard how cool Jackson Hole was, so to say the least, I was stoked out of my mind. 

We had a late start on our trip, getting us up there just in time to go out to dinner at Local (pictured above) and get some ice cream at Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream shop. In retrospect, we should've saved money on dinner, and gotten more ice cream. Although we both love a good nice steak dinner, personally we found that in the end, the food didn't really add up to the bill, if you know what I mean. The ice cream, on the other hand, was heavenly and worth every penny. 

After staying a night in the Snow King Resort, we woke up the next morning and headed down to the town square to take a look around in the daylight when we were less freezing, and less tired. Oh, I should tell you that because of the time of year we went, rooms were totally affordable! It wasn't summer, and it wasn't winter, making the "off-season" the most affordable (and gorgeous) time of the year to go!

If you know me, or you've ever been to my house, you know I love antlers. I just think they're the most gorgeous things ever. I was SO excited to head to the Elk Refuge, but was heartbroken when we discovered that it wasn't cold enough yet, so the elk were still up in the mountains! Bummer, I know! It all worked out when we got within 4 feet of some in Yellowstone.

It was a perfect start to a wonderful trip. If (when) we go again, we might stay at the Elk Refuge Inn, right across the street from the Elk Refuge. Can you imagine waking up and looking out your window to thousands of Elk just chilling there? It's a dream for both of us! We'll probably spend a little more time there too. 

Have you even been to Jackson Hole? What are your favorite things to do/see/eat there?

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