DIY Bendable Mummy

Tis the season of holiday crafts! I never considered myself a "crafty" person, but since my resources to create the things I want to are somewhat limited (living in a one bedroom apartment with no yard, garage, or outside space to use power tools), I've become pretty into crafts. I saw this mummy tutorial on Pinterest, and I had heard about my nephew's kindergarten teacher and her "super cool mummies" and they actually look SUPER COOL! So this was my big halloween craft. 

These little guys are SO easy to make, and have been a fun addition to our little apartment. There's not a lot of room to decorate, but with a few things here and there it's feeling pretty festive!

What you'll need: 

- Wire. I've seen garden wire used, but I picked up some stuff at Michael's for a few bucks. 
- Muslin. You won't need a ton. I think I got 3 yards and it made something like 3-4 mummies. 
- Wire cutters. To cut the wire obviously, but if you get flimsy wire (like I did) scissors might work!


Step One: Bend the wire in the shape of a Mummy. Make sure to make the head big enough, and the arms and leg long enough. and room for a torso and neck!

Step Two: Tear the muslin into small strips. I found that the best way to do this was to make tiny cute on the end of the yard, then tear! (yes, just like they do on Project Runway.) And wrap them around the wire body, tying the ends in knots. 

Step Three: Cuts the extra ends of the knots off, and place your fun mummies around the house! Happy Halloween!

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