Uinta Mountains Camping

There's nothing like a good camping trip. There's nothing else like making s'mores over a fire you built yourself, or cuddling up in your sleeping bag, or waking up with swollen tired eyes to the sound of all the animals waking up with you. Except when it's a super annoying chipmunk squeaking non-stop next to your tent.

There's nothing like good camping.

Since winter is coming and Casey was on fall break, we decided to go up to the Uintas for a quick getaway! It was perfect. It smelled so fresh and the only thing we could hear were the mountains. After driving around for a while just looking at the beautiful lakes and woods, we picked a spot to park and backpacked into the trees to find a campsite. From the place we chose, we couldn't see or hear any other people, which made crazy fire dances all the more appropriate.

If you're feeling spontaneous or have time this weekend or next, get up there and get your camp on! I know camping sounds like an overwhelming thing...packing the food, getting the supplies, staying warm...but really it's not. There are lots of 'camping hacks' you can try to make it just a little more easier and enjoyable. I'll share one tip from our trip with you.

Camping Tip: Breakfast Burritos
When you're car camping, it's fun to being a ton of goodies for breakfast. Scrambled Eggs,  Bacon, even Pancakes! And a pan to cook it all on. When you're backpacking, the less you bring the better. The perfect solution: Pre-made Breakfast Burritos! Ours were egg, ground turkey, and cheese, but you can get crazier than that if you want. We wrapped them in tin foil and heated them up on some coals! Voila! A super yummy, extremely easy breakfast.


  1. love the pictures! spending a weekend in nature really is rejuvenating. you should share all your camping hacks for us camping novices!

  2. These pictures are so awesome! you have such a fun blog. Stoked to follow along now!

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