Cuddly Conference

This weekend was conference! I always look forward to hearing to the carefully prepared messages, and thinking about how I can improve in my own life. Since we don't have a television, we decided to skip the visual part altogether, and listen to conference on the radio! We spent the first session cuddling in our brand new bedding (finally!), and eating the cinnamon rolls I made the night before. It was absolutely perfect, and I didn't fall asleep once! I'm excited to go back and re-read some of my favorites. I'm sure I'll have some pretty good thoughts to share with you then. 

Also, I wish there was a shorter version of the name 'Cinnamon Roll'. I always find myself hating how long the phrase is. Maybe we can think of a special name for my cinnamon rolls. So then I just never have to use 'cinnamon rolls' again! If you have any ideas, I'm open to suggestions.  


  1. Our tv wasn't working, so we decided to watch it on our ipad, which is the best decision. We basically just snuggled in bed the whole time and watched the conference. It was the best. Conference weekends are the best.


  2. Okay that looks super relaxing and dreamy. Plus, the cin-buns (poor suggestion, I know), look AMAZING.

  3. la la la love it.
    let's make cinnarolls.

  4. Looks way too comfy to leave. I'm officially having to fight off a strong desire to eat freshly baked goods in my own marshmallow bed... white sheets are the worst when it comes to munching! I somehow always get a bit of chocolate somewhere.

  5. So are we gonna get the recipe for these rolls or what??
    Love your blog. You are as real as can be and it's quite refreshing.