We're in our twenties. We're maybe 25% through our lives. We forget that we're still in walking distance from the starting line. We're still at the very beginning.

What can we say?

We can count on one hand the number of things we've been doing for 10 years. 10 Years ago we were hardly going through puberty. In only 10 years look how we've changed. And we think every decision we make is now or never. When are we going to look at the big picture and realize that yeah, we may be in what they call the "prime of our lives", but we're still at the beginning. Yeah, these are the years that shape us, the years where most everything is new and we are still experiencing things for the first time. We're still being molded. the cement is still wet, and we are still writing our names in it, or leaving our hand prints. It's still wet, it hasn't dried yet.

We are young, we are fresh, we are new. We are the twenties.

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