Movember Packaging

Although 11 months out of the year I'm not the biggest fan of facial hair, I am a full supporter of Movember. If you thought that the term "Movember" is just slang for No-shave November, then you might be surprised to learn that it's actually a real thing. A really good thing too. For a quick overview of what Movember is, check out this PSA that my friend Hayden made.

November just so happened to also be Casey's birthday month. I decided to embrace the Movember and package his gift in a very Movemberish style. Check it out.

Being a college student living in a small apartment, I'm avoiding investing into a million craft supplies that I don't have space for. Last year I used my birthday money to get a few things, and since then I've just been collecting cool looking things here and there. I've been trying to find inexpensive ways to get creative with packaging this last year, and I've found some sweet solutions!

(box) - a couple bucks at Target
(packaging paper) - around $7 for a roll at Target
(ink & stamp) - Hobby Lobby
(twine) - literally don't remember. i think it's from an old gift.
(pine leaf) - walked out my front door, took two steps, cut it off a tree, and walked back inside.

I encourage all of you to participate in Movember one way or another. Whether it's growing our your facial hair (men only please), letting your boyfriend/husband/friend with benefits grow out theirs, or by donating, or just creating something to build awareness, do something! And when you do, let me know! Sharing is awesome.


  1. haha that festive package is adorable! but i can't say i'm that big of a fan of nick's wirey movember facial it is nice to know it's actually for a good cause :)

  2. This is too cute! I'm loving it! So glad I found your blog through pinterest! New Follower! :)