sick day

Remember when we were young, and we'd spend all of our creative brain power trying to figure out how to convince mom that we were sick enough to stay home from school?
Mom my throat hurts!     *gives us cough drops and sends us to school*
Mom I think I have a fever...     *takes temp. NOT TODAY. and sends us to school*
Mom I think I'm going to throw up.     *no you're not. be tough. and sends us to school*


Being sick is the absolute worst. I miss one day. One afternoon. One meeting. One ANYTHING and I'm like ten years behind! The worst part is that it kills me to sit and do nothing for a whole day. I'm not a good sleeper, I get bored easily, and I love to be outside, or with other people! 

I want to work on projects, homework, or do something really useful with my time, but when my body shuts down, it feels like my brain does too!

I made a goal to read this time. I thought I could blow through a few books with the time it takes this flu, or whatever, to pass. We'll see how it goes. 

One thing's for sure. Every time I get sick, it makes me more grateful for the times I have great health. It's almost like God's reminding me to take care of myself! 

Here's to another winter of inhaling vitamins and dodging colds. 

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