i hate nyc

Last month I had the opportunity to spend 10 days in New York City for Advertising Week. I went last year and I hated it. I went for all the wrong reasons and I had no business spending so much money. I had recently been through what I thought was a big breakup and somehow turned into a lost puppy. I had just been admitted to the Advertising program at BYU, but no longer had any clue of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, or who I wanted to be.

I thought, "Hey, why shouldn't I go to NYC? I still have a life! I still have a lot going for me! I am an awesome person! I should go to NYC!"

I ended up learning a lot about myself. I realized that if I didn't do creative work for the rest of my life, I was doing it wrong. I had to be a creative. So I came back to school, and worked my butt off to get into the creative track as a Copywriter. But that's beside the point. I absolutely hated my experience being there. Okay yeah, my instagrams may have led you to believe I was having the time of my life, which at some points I was. The truth is, I was there for 9 days, but by day 7 I was ready to go home. I realized how lost I was, and being in a big unfamiliar city didn't help.

So yeah, I hated New York.

One year later, fall came around again, and so did the opportunity to go to New York Ad week. I thought hey, I could still learn a lot, and I need to let New York City redeem itself. So I went.

Guess what. Still hated it.

Okay well, I didn't hate the trip exactly, but every hour I was there just confirmed that New York City was not a place I wanted to live. Ever. I was in a great place, with fun people, and we did a lot of fun things! But honestly after day 4 I was ready to go home. I missed the mountains. I missed the air. I missed being able to look up in the sky and see the moon and the stars! I just accepted it, New York City isn't for everyone, and it definitely isn't for me. And that's okay.

This may confuse some people. I've been told that I'm crazy, that it's an ugly thing to say that, "I don't like New York," or that I just need to go with different people. You can't hate New York! That's like hating cake!!!! Well here's a secret for ya, I don't love cake that much either! Say what you will, think what you want, but it is what it is. I think I could go back for small trips, for a few days, with friends or family, but I really can't imagine living there.

Despite this final realization, I made a fun video of the good times we had over there. We ate Pizza on the Brooklyn Bridge, won free tickets to a private Avicii show, and spent over $100 on crepes. It was fun, and so is this video.

(make sure you turn on HD)


  1. Interesting. I had the exact same reaction. I wish I had accepted the truth sooner, though. I put myself through a lot of self-doubt for not liking it. Looking back, not going to New York was a very, very, very wise choice for me. It's true that New York is not for everyone. And that IS okay. You can be just as successful and happy as the folks who do love it there. I know I am anyway :-) Props to you for owning it.

    What an exciting time: so many possibilities await you! Can't wait to read what happens. (no pressure, btw).

  2. Creepin' on your blog because it's good, whateva deal wif et

    I went to New York last year for a different reason and had a similar realization.
    Just because a lot of people dream of it, doesn't mean it's a dream come true for every one.
    And that's quite alright. Better, even. Because that leaves more of a chance for your dream to happen.

    k see ya.