s k y d i v e

One of the first adventures we took in Hawaii was to strap up
and jump out of a plane. We went to Pacific Skydive, because
they had the best safety ratings. I'm telling you, when it comes
to stuff like this, you're gonna want to pay that extra $50 or so
when you know you'll be safer.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to skydive. I
have always wanted to know what it was like to fly. I guess
it's also a plus that I'm not afraid of heights one bit. It's actually
a bad thing how comfortable I am with heights. The switch
in my brain named "watch out, you're about to fall off a cliff"
is broken.

The best part about this day was getting my mom to skydive.
She is deathly afraid of heights, and I tried my best to get her
super psyched up to dive! She's such a cool mom! And the
coolest grandma in the world! I can't wait for my kids to meet

If you're even thinking about skydiving, I'm telling you right
now to do it. Just go do it! Don't even think twice about it. I
may have been my first time jumping out of a plane but I
promise you it definitely wasn't my last.

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