k a w a i

mountains and valleys


na pali coast

Kawai was chill. I say that because there's no one word
that can encompass how absolutely incredible, amazing,
gorgeous, rejuvenating, and inspiring the island is. 

We spent a week there, but it seemed like one very long
day. I thought traveling with my parents could consist of
taking boring tours of whatever things there were to look
at, and going to bed at 8 or so. I was right about one thing. 
I don't think i stayed up past 9 pm the whole week. 

Every morning we'd wake up before the sun,
go on a hike, head to a helicopter tour, boat tour, or 
hit up some amazing snorkel spot, then just when
I thought we were done, we'd get in our rented minivan
and hit up another beach or two. Those two seriously 
surprised me. The week consisted of many adventures,
and even more power naps in the back of the van. I'm 5.    

Next stop: North Shore, Oahu.


  1. lucky girl, you! it looks so beautiful. i can't wait to get the chance to visit hawaii!

  2. No way you hiked the Na Pali coast!? I did that too! Forever ago but still, it's BEAUTIFUL isn't it? Well of course aside from the nudist colony there. ha but I enjoyed looking at these pictures, it really brought me back.