a l o h a



you guessed it, i'm in hawaii. finals weren't a nightmare for me,
but i'll tell you what, i was so ready to get away. my mind is
burned out, and i was running on empty.

we arrived on Oahu a few days ago, and spent the beginning of
our trip getting our base sunburns and walking up and down the
street. when i say 'we' i mean me and my parents. thats right, i
hit the big leagues. i'm only child third wheelin it. the professional
kind of stuff.

at the end of every day, i have felt totally exhausted. I don't know
if it's the sun, or if my mom and dad's kindred 50+ year old spirits
are wearing off on me. all i know is that i feel like i've been waiting
for years to lay in a bed this comparable to a marshmallow.

last night we flew over to Kauai. this place is beautiful. of course
it's been raining ever since we got here, but i'm sure we'll see the
sun eventually.

the best part of the trip so far is realizing that i won't have to touch
my hair for 2 solid weeks. it gets curlier and curlier every day!

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  1. where is your suit from? so cute! (ps i love following you on IG-I'm iloveaparade ;))