The List

I spent an average of 55 hours on campus each week.

yeah, let that sink in for a second.

55 hours.


Then one Friday afternoon, my friend texted me and told me we were going on an adventure and he had a list. Adventure. List. Yeah, okay. I figured I had put in enough hours being an adult and it was time for me to be a kid. I didn't ask questions, I just went.

When he picked me up, he gave me a list.

And we completed it.

I realize how important hard work. Trust me, through my life I have realized the value of good, hard work. But I believe that it's important to not only work hard, but to play hard. I believe we should always have some part of us be a kid forever. You see, this is where our creativity lies. When we play the adult role too long, we get lost and forget to play, and lose that creative mindset.

The bottom line is, just play.

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