Christmas Eve

This Christmas has been very traditional. We didn't go on any crazy trips this year, we just stayed at home! But I loved it. Welcome to our traditional LeBaron Christmas. 

This Christmas is what we call the 'on year.' All of the married kids switch off coming here and going with their in-laws. I was sooo excited this year not only to see all my brothers and sisters, but all 10 of my little nieces and nephews! They seriously kill me. I love them. Each one of them has their own personality, and the older they get the more it comes out! Coming home to all my family in one place is definitely the highlight of the break. 

One tradition we've had since I was little was to go see the Mesa Temple lights. It's no Temple Square, but it's still beautiful!

Being the only single child left 'at home' made me the universal mother of crying children. But honestly I felt like I had 10 little brothers and sisters.

They just can't get enough of each other.

Christmas Eve we put on a family nativity! Mom told me to be the star. so...

Basically this break so far has been perfect. I've been surrounded by family 24/7 and I an't get enough of it. But hey, I've got to get my fill before I have to go back up to Utah for who knows how long without them.

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