My Friends Always Dance

Every time I'm with my friends, we dance. Whether we're in a public place, or at someone's apartment, sooner or later the tunes come on, and the inhibitions disappear. I've always said that I could do anything anywhere and I wouldn't be embarrassed if I was with the right people. Well, I found those people. We just go with the flow of life and make the greatest time of every situation. Just the other night, we were supposed to play a show at the Gatsby House. The party got shut down so we decided to move to a local apartment complex for an acoustic show. Honestly, I think I would've rather done an acoustic show than the big party. A hundred or so of our closest friends came and heard us play. Here's a cover we did:

Anyway, my point is that I am surrounded by the most amazing people. I've never been one who like to ask for help, or admit that I was struggling, but over the last couple weeks I've learned that it's okay to lean on people, if you need to talk, or even just to cry. I don't mean to get all personal and emotional, but it's the truth! This life is a journey, and I'm happy to be experiencing my life with these people. 

Here's another video from the night:

Oh, did I mention the party was wildlife themed? I think Jordan Tanner (below) lent out most of his closet for the occasion. 

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