Hi, School.

Here's the things about this semester. I love it. I just started the Advertising program at my university, and I am absolutely in love with all of it. Every time I go to a class, I become even more confident that this is exactly where I should be right now. I'll tell you what, this is a great feeling. I've been absolutely immersing myself in school and the ad world, and I'm so excited to learn everything! I'm like a bright-eyed child who is too naive to realize what I've gotten myself into, or I'm just realizing how enjoyable college classes can be. Either way, I'm finding way too much joy in my classes. For the first time, I'm actually not worried about what grade I'm going to get in the class. I just want to learn. I've got a long way to go but boy am I excited.

WIth the new school year comes new roommates. I have two roommates; one is named Ellie, and the other Veronica. Veronica is from Mexico City, and is here doing a fellowship with a BYU professor. She's a legit scientist, and she hardly speaks english. I'll tell you, this is the tenderest mercy the Lord has bestowed upon me. Trying to communicate is the hardest, most entertaining thing. Pretty soon I'll be fluent in Spanish! Hahaha okay not a chance, but I'm excited to swap cultures and learn from her!

Highlight of the year so far? Both my Amy and Brad came up to visit. My siblings have families, and as a result don't get to travel up here too much. Amy came up for a weekend, and oh boy did it feel good to catch up. I just needed family, you know? Then brad and his whole family came! We went on a bike ride down Provo Canyon with his wife's family, who are seriously awesome. I have great friends, and this summer I spent a lot of time with their families, but there's nothing like being with your own family.

Also, check out the new Imagine Dragon's new album, Night Visions. The album is full of incredible sound. 

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  1. provo canyon is kind of amazing, especially with family.

    and so stoked for new imagine dragons.