Kill the Easter Bunny

While others are posting about their classy glittery home-dyed Easter eggs, and their gorgeous Easter dresses, or how they look like a pseudo-playboy bunny with some bunny ears on, I decided to avoid the poser-route and just go straight for reality.

Let me make one thing straight first. Easter is about a lot more than getting candy in a basket, or eating enough Peanut butter Reeses Eggs to kill a man. Easter is first, a religious holiday that reminds us of our Savior's sacrifice for us. To learn more about why I celebrate Easter, go HERE.

However, for now I'm talking bunnies. Easter bunnies. Yeah, it seems like a pretty great idea. A soft, chubby bunny, carrying around a basket of colored eggs, and bringing kiddos candy. But some things just don't add up.

First, how do bunnies even carry eggs? THEY HAVE NO THUMBS, making most of their duties near impossible. 

Second, WHY BUNNIES. They are annoying little rodents who haunt the roads in North East Mesa, or who crowded out soccer fields growing up. (We'd either see how many we could catch, or how many we could take out with 1 soccer ball.) Seriously, so random. Could they have picked a worse animal?

Third, Easter Bunnies are downright creepy. Don't believe me? Here are some pictures of some with little kids. 

Believe me now?

Happy Easter everyone! Try not to eat too much candy. 

Really. Try. Please.  

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  1. easter bunnies are the scariest. really though. i'm more scared of the easter bunny than i am clowns.