Hi, I'm 21.

Yep, thats right! Last Tuesday, March 12, 2012, I turned 21! It was an overall awesome day! My friends were constantly surprising me with little fun things from the very second the clock struck midnight. It really made me realize how blessed I am. I have incredible friends who made me feel like the best person in the world all day long. Then, as a company, we went to Tucanos for a birthday lunch. When i showed up, they were all wearing fake mustaches. It was the best thing ever.

That night I went to the BYU Chamber Orchestra concert, and when I came back home, my friends kidnapped me and took me to a giant surprise party for me at Maui Bowl!

The band members presented me with this wonderful gift:

Basically, I'm surrounded by the best people ever. They make me so happy.

I'm 21. And so so happy.

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